•           NO Alcoholic beverages, cooking grills, or pets permitted in the race or transition areas.

  •           Your race package includes one T-shirt, one swim cap, one pair of numbers and safety pins.

  •           Cyclists must attach the number to the cross-bar on the bike.

  •           Runners must wear number on the front.

  •           Numbers must be visible at all times.

  •           You are advised to arrive early to setup in the transition area and for body marking.

  •           Athletes only are permitted in the transition area.

  •           Race starts promptly at 08:00AM. Pre-race announcements start at 07:45AM.

The Lincoln Park Triathlon is a USAT sanctioned race and therefore USAT rules apply. Below are just a few rules.


  •           All swimmers must wear swimsuits, biking shorts, or tri-suits and issued swim caps.

  •           Swimmers may not wear snorkels, fins, or flotation devices.

  •           Goggles and wetsuits are permitted as per USAT rules.

  •           Swimmers must maintain adequate separation to prevent contact with another swimmer.  Willfully or intentionally delaying another swimmer could result in disqualification.

  •           No nudity allowed - Swimmers wishing to change clothes must use the facilities.


  •           The bike course IS NOT closed to traffic. Please obey all traffic laws and be aware of vehicular traffic around you.          

  •           All participants must wear helmets while cycling. You will not be permitted to compete without a helmet.

  •           Drafting IS NOT ALLOWED.  Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

  •           Slower moving cyclists must keep to the right.

  •           Upon completion of the bike course, cyclists must dismount and walk into the transition area.


  •           IPODs, Walkmans, or other music devices are prohibited.

  •           Some of the run course is open to vehicular traffic. Please be aware of traffic around you and keep to the left.